Midnight at Chez Viertel

I like that title. It sounds a lot more moody and exotic than what the post is actually about.

I’ve made reference to our cat, but I never really told the story. Shortly after Christmas, we got a cat from the Humane Society. Merry is a 2-year-old Siamese mix.  She’s little and very sweet.  She’s a little aloof, choosing to spend most of the time we’re home in our bedrooms.  Still, when we’re back there, she’s very cuddly, choosing to sleep with one or another of us.

Of course, Merry isn’t the only recent addition to our family.

Enter Harry’s birthday present, Fluffy the hamster. Harry was overjoyed.  Annie now wants her own pet.  Alissa thinks we’re ready for a dog.  I’m observing cautiously.

As for Merry, well, she’s a cat.  And we brought rodent into the house.  I think she looks as Fluffy the same way A.L.F. looked at the Tanner’s cat, Lucky.

<young’uns…here’s what you need to know about A.L.F. >>

We’ve seen everything from peaceful coexistence, to general indifference to  Merry trying to push Fluffy’s cage off the dresser  (Darn packaging!) to Merry climbing up on top of said cage.

Which brings us to last night.

Since we don’t yet have a squirt bottle to deter Merry, who was very interesting in Fluffy last night, we decided that Merry would be confined to our room for the night.

Around 11:30, Alissa woke me up and told me it was time to go to bed, so we worked our way to our room, making sure to bring Merry with us I actually had to hold onto her while Alissa turned off the lights, closed the door and got into bed. (She has a tendency to camp out right where the next person needs to land to get into bed.)

That’s when the chaos started.  No sooner were we all in bed, then the door burst open.  Annie had decided that she wanted to sleep with us.  Annie scrambled onto the bed.  Merry scrambled off of the bed made a beeline for Harry’s room and Fluffy.  I chased the cat, turning on the light as I flew out of the room.  Alissa got up to put Annie back to bed.

I caught up to Merry before she reached Fluffy, who was making a considerable din by attacking the bars of her cage (we know this is a thing that we need to address for proper hamster health).

By the time I returned with Merry, Annie had tucked herself into Alissa’s spot on the bed. As Alissa coaxed her back to her own room, I was busy wrestling the cat to keep her from fleeing again.  She only calmed down when Alissa came back and closed the door. Somehow, I didn’t get scratched. I attribute this to my mad cat handling skills.

Harry slept through the whole thing.

I’m not sure what exactly happened while I slept, but I woke up with a 6-year-old and a cat.  I found Alissa on the family room couch.

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A Decision

I’ve decided to end my efforts at posting every day this year.  I know I could do it.  I’ve done it before. But I  don’t think I’m doing it well.  I feel like I’m sacrificing quality content for  quick posts on deadline.   That’s not interesting to anyone.

Don’t get me, wrong.  I’m not ending “Great” Thoughts, not by a long shot.  But I’m giving myself permission too pass on posting for a time if I  feel like I  need to be doing or writing something else.

I’ve got lots of fiction ideas that I  want to play with, but I  can’t if I’m solely focused on getting a daily post in.

So,  I’m choosing quality over quantity. And I’m choosing too work behind the scenes at times. But I’m not  going away.  I hope you won’t go away either.

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Summer in sight

Spring break is officially over. School starts up in the morning and we will have a very busy  sprint took the finish. It would be nice if we were starting off with a normal week, but there’s a lot going on.  Of course there’s always a lot going on. Any  way,  back to work.

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One thing I don’t get. ..

We’re out of town,  so I’m kind of phoning in the posts this  weekend. 

I’m hoping we’re  done with car shopping for several years. Ironically,  if all goes as planned…《collapses in a fit  of uncontrollable laughter, wiping tears  away as he controls himself》…by the time we are ready for another car,  we’ll  be nearing the end of our prime minivan  years.

Still,  one  thing I’ve never understood b is why there is not a hybrid minivan  on the US market. It seems  to me that families with  multiple  children  would be perfectly happy to reduce their gas  budget and do something good  for the planet.

Anyway,  that’s my musing for  the day.

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The Cars Have Names

Prior  to a twilight drive over the pass  to get our  kids,  we named ohe cars.

The Tiguan is Tigger and, keeping with the spirit of A.A. Milne, we named  the rabbit, well, Rabbit.

I bet you didn’t see that coming.   I know  we’re creative geniuses.

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When the Cat’s Away Part 2

So our kids leave town, and what do we do?  We replace both our cars and both our phones.

We are now the proud owners of a 2010 VW Tiguan, and 2008 VW Rabbit,  and 2 Samsung Galaxy s6’s.

But now it’s time for bed so we can safely drive over and pick them up tomorrow. Then its a crazy run to summer vacation.

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The weather cooperated

But the schedule did not.  Apparently,  trading in two cars and buying two other cars doesn’t happen any more quicker than for one cat. 

Gone is the Passat and the PT Cruiser. Newly arrived are Tigger the Tiguan and a as yet unnamed Rabbit.

The front yard remains unmowed.

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