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Standing with Teachers

My dad retired when I was twelve, about 3 months before I finished 7th grade.  He and my mom both had full careers  working for the County of Los Angeles and represented by the Service Employees International Union.  It’s a … Continue reading

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The Blank Page

No, this is not some reverence to Taylor Swift or her song. See, I didn’t even link to it. I’ve been sitting here, trying to think of what to write today.  I’ll be out tonight, so I want to get … Continue reading

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Syria: What Just Happened?

The whole Syria story has been something of a moving target, hasn’t it?  This is my third version of a post on Syria.  My first was to be a an attempt to analyze all the dizzying complexity of the situation, … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and White Privilege

It’s hard to know what to say about the outcome of the murder trial of George Zimmerman.  Yeah, the Zimmerman trial.  He was the person on trial.  He was the one accused of murdering an unarmed child.  There were times … Continue reading

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Today is a day of words and the ideas that they form. It’s a day in which we, as Americans, celebrate our national heritage. The words of those documents that define our nation are writ large on Inauguration Day. The … Continue reading

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I Shouldn’t Be Writing Tonight

I shouldn’t be writing tonight, at least not what I’m about to write. It’s too early, right? Tonight is a night for prayers and reflection, to hold our families close and be thankful that they are not among the twenty … Continue reading

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The Armed Citizen Argument

The most important element of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado is, and should be the victims, living and deceased who will never be the same because of the actions of one deranged individual.  We, as a nation, regardless of how … Continue reading

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