Why I Went to the Demonstration.

It was Sunday afternoon. I found a desk at the library and settled in to write up a couple of assignments that were due in the next couple of days.  I figured that I had two and half hours to work before meeting Alissa and the kids for the church bowling party.  Then I would have the evening to continue working.

It was not long before I got a text from Alissa asking to me check my email.  She had forwarded me a message about that evening’s demonstration at Westlake Park in opposition to Trump’s immigration policies.  I knew about the demonstration.  I am on far too many progressive mailing lists, and my inbox, as well as my social media feeds are lit up like so many Christmas trees.  The left is on red alert, as well we should be.

I am under no illusions that Trump is a legitimate president.  He is not, but I’m not going to argue that here.  That fight was one for the transition period, and it’s over.  He’s in office, and that is the dangerous reality we need to accept.

I had minimal hopes that the end of the campaign would moderate Trump, causing him to dial back the populism to reassure the country and the world that the crazy bigotry was just for show.  That did not happen.

I had minimal hopes that the weight of the office would moderate him, that actually being in the Oval Office and realizing that he had become the heir to Washington, Lincoln, and both Roosevelts would make him feel the respect the awesome responsibility that came with the title. That did not happen.

At this point, we must reach one and only one conclusion.  On the campaign trail, Trump meant what he said and said what he meant.

He’s going to (try to) build the wall.

He’s going to (try to) ban Muslims and refugees.

He’s going to (try to) remove actual science from national policy on science.

I could go on and on, but I don’t think I’m saying things that informed people don’t already know.

My point is that we Americans are facing a serious crisis about who we are as a people.  Donald Trump and his administration are dangerous.  The man has no respect for democratic institutions like our first amendment freedoms. He has no regard for the human rights of immigrants, minorities, and refugees. He can’t accept disagreement or resistance.  That is incredibly dangerous.

That’s why my family and I went down to protest.  Trump needs to meet a wall of resistance, right out of the gate.  He can have no grace period or honeymoon.  We can’t give him a chance to govern, not with the policies he’s promoting. Most of all, we can’t let him get a strong foothold on political power.  The man is disputing the popular vote even when he “won” the election.  Can you imagine him accepting defeat in four years?

I know we’re all busy.  I know we’re all tired of our media feeds being filled with “political stuff,” but when you have a newly elected president being advised by a neo-Nazi and running plays right out of a fascist playbook, it’s time for anyone who believes in American democracy to step up and get engaged.

Speak up.  Let your voice be heard.

I guess that’s why I’m here, writing this now when I should be studying.  Silence is agreement, and I can’t be silent. You shouldn’t be either.

So, I guess “Great” Thoughts is back.



About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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