Early Morning Excitement

Greetings everyone.  I’m on Spring Break, so I actually have a little bit of time to do a post.  Imagine that.  Actually, I hadn’t planned on jumping back into the blogging game for the foreseeable future, but I was presented with a stand alone, amusing anecdote.  How could I ignore such a gift?

So, what do you get when you cross a retriever and a herding dog?  Apparently you get what happened this morning.  Sometime around 4 this morning, Jet, our 9 month old lab/cattle dog mix, started barking.  I wasn’t was about, but it stopped soon enough and I went back to sleep until my first alarm at 5:45.  As is normal, I shut that off to await for my 6:00 alarm.

However, before the appointed hour rolled around, I heard Jet barking and scratching at the door, so I got up to let him out.  I think I picked up on the fact that he was actually barking at something in our yard a split second too late, because just as he shot out the door, I had visions of raccoons and coyotes and vet bills.

But, I was too late.  Jet shot out the door and across the yard, clearly in pursuit of something.  He caught it.  It meowed.  As the action moved into the circle of light cast by the motion-activated floodlight, Jet’s quarry was revealed.  It was Merry, our indoor cat.  She must have snuck out hours earlier when we had left the back door open to let Jet do his business as Alissa and I watched an old Ally McBeal episode.  (Two points on that: 1) There was a specific reason for our viewing choice,  and 2) that was an odd little show.)

Anyway, back to the action.  Jet had quickly caught Merry and was dragging her back inside by the scruff of her neck, much to her disapproval.

The dog was herding the cat.

(Yes, I know that he actually retrieved her, but a dog herding a cat carries much more irony, so I’m going with that.)

This is Jet when he wasn’t big enough to herd or retrieve a cat.



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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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