Musings on Mowing the Moss

You heard me right.  “Moss.”


The house that is now our home was empty for about 4 years.  Now, upon our moving in, the yard was not a complete jungle.  Somebody must have been doing some very basic maintenance, probably because it was on the market.  Still, there’s a difference between keeping a yard from becoming a jungle and actually caring for it.  One of those differences the that our lawn, both in front and in back, is pretty much dominated by moss.


And dandelions, lots of dandelions.


We moved in late in August.  The tall grasses that had grown among the moss had been mowed before we moved, and Alissa’s dad had tamed the back yard while we were unpacking.


Then came autumn, school and rain and all that stuff that pushes yard work down on the priority list, especially since the yard is pretty low maintenance in the first place.


But now it’s Spring.  It would be untrue to say that yesterday was my first change to mow, but it was the first time since we got the mower out of the shed and gotten it gas and had the time.  And so I mowed the back yard. (The front will be done tonight.)


Now, keep in mind that our last yard was huge, bordering on large enough to justify a riding mower, not that we wanted one.  It had 4 distinctive areas, and there were times when we could not get all three mowed at the same time because two sections generated  enough clippings to fill our yard waste cart.  It took 3 hours to get it all done, and we always felt a little guilty if the weather was good for mowing and we were doing something else.


Well, not that guilty.


That was then. This is now.  This first round of mowing is definitely a rough cut.  We really need to get our yard waste cart out back and get to work clearing out fallen branches, and getting discarded debris (a mop (?), bricks, pieces of  lumber, rocks, etc.) cleared out.  We need to trim some trees and clean out the understory.  But then mowing will be easy and it will be time to enjoy a summer in the back yard.  We now have a grill, and it will be used well, as will the outdoor fireplace.


But even with a rough cut, I was able to see that someone had once had a vision for that backyard. There used to be three trees that may be cherry trees.  There are two planting beds marked off.  There are two distinct areas of hardscape.  I found myself wondering what that yard had looked like in its heyday.  I know that the front used to have a least four shrubs or some sort, based on the irregularities of the ground.

More importantly, it helped me visualize what could be.  Raised beds?  Tomato plants?  A small kitchen garden? One never knows.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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