Busy Day

Well,  I can’t say today was a day of rest.  There was lots of church stuff, however.  I started out with teaching children’s church,  which was pretty nice.  It was a small group of regulars,  and it was the first “normal” week in a while.  It’s always great to see the questions they come up with. And questions about faith are protective against a blind faith. 
Then there was the actual service.  Our small group had been invited to serve communion,  and Alissa and I were two of the servers. I hadn’t recalled serving in this way before,  but Alissa tells me that we did it once in our old church.
I was actually kind of stressed about this,  but it was not for any deep spiritual reason.  No,  I,  well we,  actually,  have been fighting through the last stages of this nasty cold that I’ve been blaming on nights when I’m too tired to write anything meaningful. We’re not contagious or anything,  but our voices do go out at inopportune times.  Or worse,  I feared offering someone one of the elements just as I was wracked by a nasty coughing fit. 
I spent a lot of the service silently praying that we would both hold up through the process… and sucking on couch drops.
Fortunately, God came through and everything went as planned and without incident.
Our next stop was Costco for lunch and to pick up stuff to bring to our small group for dinner.  Lasagna never fails. 
That’s where the plan broke down.  We had planned to m pick up a desk from a Craiglist seller,  but we figured out that we wouldn’t have enough time  to do that and make dinner.  So we rested a bit instead with plans to pick up the desk after small group.
Small group was nice.  Dinner was had,  along with cake for Alissa’s birthday. Then we were off to get the desk . The seller was being very nice by offering to drive  the desk in her car  as long as we did the lifting.
Naturally,  the desk did not fit in her SUV, so we agreed to plan B. Alissa’s parents are coming over next week,  so we can use their truck for the move.
I was pleased with this development.

It’s been a nice weekend,  filled with a sort of casual busy-ness. I like that.

Now onto a new week.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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