First, congratulations to the New England Patriots.  You won the Super Bowl fair and square.  Congratulations on a well-deserved championship.


But, boy that was a tough way to lose.  With a 14-14 tie at half-time things were looking good for the Seahawks.  Racking up ten points in the 3rd quarter, left us thinking the game was well in hand. Things got worrisome in the 4th with Brady marching his team down the field for two touchdowns to take the lead.  But we had two minutes and the ball.  Then there was the was that catch, and Lynch pushing through to the one, and everyone was wondering how much time we could knock off the clock to minimize the Patriots’ chance of tying the game with a field goal.

And then disaster.

And questions.

What happened?

Who called that play?

I’m an adult.  I get that these things happen.  It’s easy to be proud of my team.

I’m not a natural football fan.  I don’t really know players from other teams unless they are on the level of the starting quarterbacks or other headliners.  I didn’t play any organized football as a kid, and I’m not going to let Harry play due to the whole head injury thing.  And I know that’s going to be a battle.

It’s because I’m critical of the game and the culture around it that I’m proud of this team.  I know Harry’s going to be influenced by his culture, by his community, and that’s why I watch this team so closely.

Are they perfect?  No.  But when I look at this team, I see teamwork and character and a team that knows, that has internalized what they mean to the community.

So yeah, I’ve seen my teams lose before.

It must be harder for the kids though, especially those whose experience in sports fandom has  been to grow up in an era of Blue Fridays and 12th man flags and a community united around a winning team.

And then they lost. On a shocking play that makes sense in a nuanced discussion, but not on the surface.   Kids aren’t known for nuance or subtlety.

It becomes a moment for parenting, about talking about loyalty and team spirit, and why we still love the Seahawks. They’re not “our” team because we live in Seattle.  They’re our team because they’re good guys.  If Harry’s going to idolize a sports figure, and he will, I want it to be a guy like Russell Wilson. I want him listening to a guy like Pete Carroll and his approach to victory and defeat.

Loyalty in the face of adversity and defeat is a critical life lesson, and it is far better than following victory and success, because victory is short lived and success fades.

So the Super Bowl is in the books.  Our team lost.  It’s okay.  They’ll be back.  Life goes on.  Spring is coming.

We’re still Twelves.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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