Wednesday AKA Crazy Day

Like most families, we generally have a pretty packed schedule.  Our plan was not to over-schedule our kids.

Somehow, that fell by the wayside.

To understand the craziness of Wednesday, one must understand how we handle transportation.

Every morning, Alissa takes our kids to our friends’ house where they meet the bus.  That’s where consistency ends.  Two of our friends’ kids go to the same school as Harry and Annie.  A third rides the same bus as them but stays on to go to a highly capable program at a different school.  This plays into the afternoon routine.

On Monday, the four kids who go to our school take the bus home and hang out at our friends’ house.  I meet the bus for the fifth kid and bring her home to trade her for my kids. This is also the Thursday routine, at least this trimester.  On Friday, Harry takes and after-school soccer class. He gets out at the same time as I meet the later bus.

Tuesday, is different because of Wednesday. I need to leave work early and  meet the bus on Wednesday, so I work late on Tuesday to make up the time.  Then I head over to the dance studio to pick up Harry when the girls get dropped of for the Jazz class. Then he and I have some guy time.  Alissa brings the girls home and then has some girl time with Annie.

That brings us to Wednesday.  I leave work early and meet the two little girls off the first bus.  We go to our house and hang out for a half hour or so until it’s time to meet the later bus.  Harry has a board game class that goes 20 minutes beyond the time the late bus arrives, so I let the girls play on the playground until Harry gets out.

So at this point, I’ve got 4 kids.  Of course, starting two weeks from now, 2 of those kids will need to be at church 40 minutes later to rehearse for the musical that the kids choir is putting on.  So, it’s off to church.  I keep an eye on the little girls until Alissa or the girls’ dad arrives.  We have dinner and then the kids go to Pioneer Club.  If there is nothing else going on, we adults get an hour to breath.  Then I go to the gym.

So Wednesday is a bit of a crazy day in a crazy week, even when there are no PTA meetings or other events (like tonight’s Ping Pong party that our church’s men’s ministry is putting on.)

Of course, this schedule will look pretty tame when we add in little league.

Still, it’s really kind of fun, and we enjoy coordinating with our friends.  It’s nice that we can help each other.



About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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