12 Thoughts on the Seahawks

1)  It starts with an earthquake!  I’m not sure about the actual seismic readings, but I’m sure that Sherman interception in the end zone must have moved the needle.

2) The interception and fumble hurt.  Those two goal line stands numbed the pain.  And Green Bay is probably second guessing going for the field goal on 4th and goal on the 1/2 yard line.  That’s quite a bit of respect for the Seattle defense.

3) The rest of the half was hard to watch.  Wilson looked rattled, trying to make big plays happen to change the momentum.

4) That end zone interception to end the half sucked the energy out of Seahawks nation.

5) Trading 3 and outs to start the second half was frustrating but ultimately comforting.  Everything seemed to have settled down.

6) Fake punt for the win!  Way to get the crowd back into the game and some points on the board.

7) The half grinds on.  The clock ticks down.  Faith wanes but hope remains.

8) That’s when I should have seen it.  How many points were we down?  That’s right, 12!

9) Sherman playing through his injury: heroic or stupid?  But he had either two weeks to recover or an off-season.  Are you going to tell him he can’t play?

10) More special teams heroics! Touchdown. Onside kick.  Touchdown.  Critical two point conversion.

11) Flashback time:  Falcons field goal two years ago.  (Neutralized by the two point conversion.) Hasselbeck mouthing off during the coin toss in 2005(?) (Did they really have to show that?

12)  End this now!  Don’t let Rogers back on the field.  Don’t let Sherman back out there.  Hail Mary for the win!

I have no voice left.  I don ‘t really care who we play, although I think beating Brady would earn Wilson more respect.  Our cat is probably terrified.

Onto the Super Bowl!!!

#gohawks #nodoubt


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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