I’m Still Here

A couple of days after my last post, we received some very sad family news.  My aunt had passed away.  There was no question that we would go down to L.A. for the memorial service.  Naturally, this resulted in a significant flurry of activity and little time for reflection and grief until the actual services.

The day was an odd mix of sadness at the loss of my aunt and joy at seeing many old friends whom I haven’ t seen in a very long time.

When we got back, I planned to write two posts.  I actually completed the first. It was a more detailed reflection on losing a loved one and the complexity that enters into intergenerational relationships as children grow into adults.

Barring some proofing and minor edits, it was done.

But I couldn’t pull the trigger and post it.  It felt too personal, like letters that turn into journal entries.  Could it be my most brilliant writing ever?  I’d be surprised, but I’ve heard from another writer that when something is less than comfortable to post, you’re probably onto something.

It may see the light of day at some point in the future.  I’m certainly not ruling it out, but the hemming and hawing about whether I should post that one essay has stalled my other writing, hence the four week hiatus.  So, I’m punting for now.

But what about the second post?  Oh that will see the light of day.  You have no need to worry about that.  You see, the memorial was on a Thursday, and there was no way we could get back to Seattle in time for any of us to function at work or school on Friday.  So we decided to extend the trip and fly home on Sunday, giving us two full days in the City of Angels?  And they were awesome enough that I felt guilty having such a fun time given the reason for our presence in L.A.

But that story will be told.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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2 Responses to I’m Still Here

  1. Starlene says:

    My (belated) condolences to you, Andrew.
    I’ve found the same to be true about going to funerals. Even though we are there for such a sad reason, it is always a wonderful time catching up with the people that we don’t normally get to see.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please post- every personal reflection you’ve written gives me insight, and courage. Love to you and family, and Auntie

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