Time for Rush to Go.

A great deal has been said about Rush Limbaugh’s slanderous attack, not only on Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke, but on every woman who uses contraceptives and has a portion of the cost covered by her insurance. Do you know someone who fits that description?  A wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, colleague?  If they have their contraceptives covered by their insurance, Limbaugh considers them “sluts” and “prostitutes” and feels that they should put their intimate activities on the internet for all to see.  The backlash against these comments has been powerful enough to cause Limbaugh to make a half-hearted apology for two words out of nine hours of vicious attacks against women from all walks of life.

That’s not good enough, and Limbaugh’s sponsors know it and have been abandoning his show. This is a good thing, and it must continue.  I’ve included a link to a post by fellow blogger, “The Groundhog” over at “Ground Up” because it includes an extensive list of links to petitions for Limbaugh’s termination.

Say “Good bye,” Rush..

I’ll leave it at that, except for two items.

First, no one is advocating that Limbaugh’s right to spew his filth be abridged.  He has a right to say it, although I’d love to see Fluke file a defamation suit against him and challenge the “ascending the rostrum” doctrine that suggests that by appearing before Congress she gave up her protection against defamation of character. (My argument would be that maintenance of that doctrine would have a chilling effect on otherwise private citizens giving testimony on important issues before legislators.) No one is calling on the government to take Limbaugh off the air, except maybe from Armed Forces Radio. The petitions call for advertisers and radio stations, private entities, to take him off the air. 

Second, I make no apologies for going after this man.  For decades, he has been harming this country by being a mouthpiece for  vile, hateful ideas.  His power in the market has made him untouchable.  Until now.  Now, his defenses have been breached. Use whatever metaphor you like.  His shields are down.  There’s blood in the water. However you want to put it, the man is as politically and economically vulnerable as he’s ever been.

It’s time.  Take.  Him.  Out. 

I wish him no physical harm.  He can keep is money and property. Let him go to subscription satellite radio.  But this is an opportunity to reduce, or eliminate his hatred from the airwaves.  Let’s not pass it up.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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