Pot Pouri for 100 Alex

Well, I don’t quite have the wit in place for a post in ten tweets, but let’s see what I can come up with.

First the news that I alluded to in my last post.  “Great” Thoughts received it’s first award.  Yes, it’s essentially a chain letter award for recognizing quality blogs, but I really do appreciate being awarded a Versatile Blogger Award.  Apparently, there are some responsibilities that go along with receipt of the award, so I need to look into that when I have time to come up for air.

Moving on, it was a very nice weekend.  I was back in the tax office for the remainder of our early season peak, and I was able to do my job with a minimal amount of coughing.  I don’t think I horrified any clients, at any rate. 

On Friday, Harry was diagnosed with walking (running, jumping, bouncing, light saber sparring) pneumonia.  You’d hardly know it, but enough running around would bring on the cough.  Somehow this led to the purchase of an Imperial V-Wing Lego set.   If you haven’t heard of a V-wing, it’s a starfighter used by the Grand Army of the Republic later in the Clone Wars, and it was placed in service in the imperial fleet once the New Order took power.  Anyway, I spend Saturday morning helping Harry put together his fighter and helping Annie build a house with her new Legos as well.  It was very fun.

Sunday, was kind of perfect.  With two recovering pneumonia patients, we opted out of church and went out to a sit down breakfast.  That’s a big thing, because my favorite restaurant meal is a sit down breakfast. The kids had pancakes.  Alissa had her scrambled sausage benedict.  As for me, I had a wonderful meat and cheese omelet, real hash browns and an English muffin, all washed down by coffee from a bottomless cup.  I was in heaven.

After breakfast, Harry and I went home while the ladies went shopping, ostensibly to supply our little family Super Bowl Party.  Yeah, Alissa finally got her taco soup into the crock pot and we realized that it was perfect Super Bowl food.  So Alissa built a little buffet, if you will, around that. 

Meanwhile, I introduced Harry to Voltron (80’s, lion force).  The blazing sword is yet to appear, but Harry is hooked. The game itself was pretty fun.  I didn’t really have a dog in the fight, and even my politics-based method for choosing my side failed.  The last time these two teams met, I supported New York because of the perfect season thing.  I went with the underdog.  This time, I decided to side with Elizabeth Warren and support New England. 

Well, it could have turned out better. Brady and company just never seemed in control. Fortunately, I wasn’t heavily vested in the game and could enjoy a well-played game by the Giants. Ironically, I think I dozed off and missed the game-winning toughdown.

The commercials were pretty good.  Of course, the one that stood out for me was Eastwood’s Chrysler ad. I know he supported McCain and did not support the successful bailout of the auto industry, but if Clint can stand there and deliver that monologue and bring some good old fashioned American confidence back, I’m willing to cut him some slack. 

Say what you will about Madonna, but she can put on a show and make an entrance.  She’s a truly great entertainer and very fun to watch and listen to.  Still, every time I hear Vogue, I remember talking with friends in the quad as our classmates tried out for the drill team by performing a choreographed number to that song, over and over and over again.

While I was convalescing, I finally felt better and decided to watch some Netflix.  An initial show of bravado had me announcing that I’d be watching Outbreak, but I ended up watching Firefly.  This is an exquisite little show that was gone before its time.  It’s beautifully photographed, well-acted with likable characters, and full of little touches that make it unique. 

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m back to my full schedule doing taxes, but I’m enjoying that.  Still, it’s going to be a busy week, leading to another full weekend.  Now, if the sun would stick around, it would be really nice.  That’s a doubled edged sword, however, because we need the rail and snow, and somehow, sunny days in February tend to get taken out of our summer  I guess we’ll see.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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