Those Darn Greetings

Does anyone else get tired of the “War on Christmas” nonsense?  I do.  Every year, we get people up in arms over holiday greetings.  If you use a greeting that is not specific to Christmas, it is viewed, not as a greeting, but a personal assault on someone’s  faith. 

It’s not. 

It’s a greeting.  Some people prefer not to assume that you celebrate Christmas.  We do live in a secular country that welcomes people of all religions and assumes that we can all get along , after all.  

So what about nativities on public property?  They don’t belong there.  There’s that whole “separation of church and state” thing.  If your town puts one on public property, there are people who may sue to have it removed.  They will win.   Now, I have to admit that this practice can get a bit irritating. (I’m also a straight, white, male, Protestant Christian, so I would be well-served to try listening to those who actually have experience as a minority in one or more categories rather than just finding their complaints irritating.)  It would actually hurt the cause of the plaintiffs if not for one factor. 

The Christian response to such actions tends to be pretty inappropriate.  The lawsuit is invariably met with over the top demonization of the palitiffs that earns them sympathy and makes the defendants  display behavior that does not reflect Christianity well.   

So let’s stop fighting each other over greetings.  Let’s just get along and assume that greeting are just greetings.  Let’s not get up in arms about holiday cards or holiday trees or whatever.  That energy could be better spent elsewhere.  Spend time with family and frends. Sing a song.  Volunteer to help someone in need.  There are many options. Whatever you do, enjoy the season.  Life’s too short to get upset over someone choosing inclusive language.



About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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