Passing the Whammy.

Well, the Whammy may still be residing in the Viertel household, but not with me.  It was a pretty good day until Whammy reared his Whamminess on the way to a choir concert at church.  We decided, in the interest of time to give ourselves over the golden arches and hit the drive thru on the way to church. 

I reached over for the kids’ Happy Meals and promptly dropped one, Harry’s onto the ground.  The recovery of said meal went as well as could be expected.  I think that is the point at which the Whammy was passed to Alissa.

As we drove off I pointed out something about a conversation from earlier in the week.  You see, we opened an account at a second credit union as a mechanism to do more long term savings in an account that is not just a mouse click away. The other day, I had tried to log in to this credit union’s online service and had a really hard time doing so with the login ID’s, passwords and account numbers that Alissa had supplied for me.

After far too many unsuccessful attempts at this, I noticed that I was trying to log into the wrong credit union. Once I found the financial institution that does, in fact, have our money, the login process went a lot more smoothly. 

Now, that all happened back when I was Whammified.  As we drove by the “wrong” credit union, I pointed out to Alissa that it was that credit union that I had been trying to access.  She gave me the most bewildered look.  “Wait, that’s not the credit union we joined?”  Oh my. As far as I can tell, we did join the credit union we thought we were joining.  The account is opened, and they even challenged us to make sure we qualify for membership.  Where things seem to have gone awry is that the credit union branch that is near our home is not for “our” credit union.  In effect, we have no clue where a physical branch of our credit union is. 

Well, we wanted an inaccessible savings vehicle.

Then there was the problem of  Annie’s cough at the concert.  Well, important safety tip. If you decide that your remedy is to give the child hard candy, make sure it’s sugar-free. Alissa did not.  I spent the second half of the concert in the foyer while Annie danced and spun and rolled around on the floor. She’s in bed now, but all the way home she was sing and excerpt of Rudolph with Santa greeting Rudolph with a “ho ho ho” that sounded…um…comically flamboyant.

After the concert, there was a cookie reception.  Somehow, it was determined that I would go get the car while Alissa and the kids got cookies.   So, slinging Annie’s pink backpack over my shoulder, I ventured off into the Seattle night expecting to return to my family and a cookie. 

Alissa forgot the cookie!!!  Yep, she’s got the whammy.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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