A Post in Ten Tweets: The “Let’s Hear it for” Edition

1)       The grocery store was packed today.  You’d think there’s a holiday coming up or something.  #let’shearitforholidaybustle

2)      The video of the UCD Chancellor walking through a thousand students, silent in protest, is amazingly powerful.  #let’shearitforactionslouderthanwords

3)      Awesome sermon on Genesis and environmentalism. #let’shearitforresponsibleChristianity

4)      I actually put my business card on a bulletin board. Somehow that’s a big step for me.  #let’shearitformarketing.

5)      Our little family has joined forces with a big family to enhance our celebration.  #let’shearitforgoodnaturedchaos

6)      The kids have been excited by the tiny dusting of snow this weekend. #let’shearitforsimplejoys

7)      They put snow on a bare rock to see if the rock was warm enough to melt it. It wasn’t. #let’shearitforscience

8)      Putting a glove on my head and strutting around like a rooster in the Azteca parking lot.  #let’shearitforweirdingoutthekids

9)      Finally getting our house in order, which means Alissa’s feeling well enough to put us all to work.  #let’shearitforantibiotics

10)   Each photo and video of non-violent occupiers being violently attacked by police strengthens the movement.  #let’shearitforcourage



About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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