Blame It On the Rain…(but it’s really me writing)

The idea came to Alissa after church, or at least that’s when she voiced it to me.  I think.  She may have said something before.  I’m not really sure.  Anyway, our church is very close to Greenlake in Seattle, a wonderful park sporting playfields, playgrounds, an aquatheater swim beaches, boat rentals, all sorts of things.  It also features a 2.9 mile loop for just about any non-motorized form of ground transportation, and as such it is a veritable mecca of exercise. 

Well, Alissa’s idea was to go for a walk at Greenlake.  We toyed with going after church, but the kids were hungry and we had neither appropriate shoes for walking nor appropriate attire for the rain of which the threatening October clouds served as ill omens.  So we had lunch at Costco and got gas.  I mean, we had lunch at Costco and put gas in the car before going home for nap time. 

After nap time, we decided to try it again.  (We live about 15 miles from Greenlake, so I’m well aware of the incongruity of this fact in light of my last post.) Anyway, we gathered our water bottles in the backpack with a random assortment of snacks.  The kids had their rain coats, and Alissa had a fleece.  Somehow my coat remained in the closet.  The garage door opener, last scene on the driver’s seat, was nowhere to be found, so we had to leave the stroller at home.  That’s a problem that will be dealt with later.

So we returned to Greenlake.  We were going to walk for a while, but were likely to spend most of our time on the playground.  That is until we got out of the car and ran into a family that we’re friends with.  They went to our old church.  They live down the corridor from my mom, and they have a daughter who’s just a bit older than Harry. 

Well. walking is different friends, so we walked and walked (and roller-bladed) far farther than we had planned.  The weather was holding back until our friend jinxed us by commenting on our good fortune.  Shortly thereafter, the rain began.  And continued.  We were past the half way point so there was nothing to do but to keep going thrugh the increasing rain. 

By the time we completed the loop, we were soaked and tired.  Exhausted, really.  Still the walk wasn’t bad, but the whole slogging through the ultimatley very heavy rain thing was quite tiring.  So I’m beat, but the whole family walked the whole loop at Greenlake.  Not a bad Sunday afternoon.  But I’m beat and chores that need doing aren’t happening tonight. 

I blame the rain.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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