Vacation 2010: Into the Night

Yes, that’s right.  2010.  I am going to finish blogging this trip.Here are links to the previous entries in this series:

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Vacation 2010: The Road Trip Begins


We left Salinas the next morning and headed up highway 101 into the San Francisco Bay Area. It was to be our longest driving day off the trip.

It was not long before the fertile farms of the Salinas Valley gave way to suburbs.  By late morning, we found ourselves navigating the mean streets of San Francisco enroute to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The great scarlet towers soared above us into a brilliant blue sky as we passed onto the magnificent span. Naturally, I was in the wrong lane to turn off at the lookout point, so we ended up stopping for a picnic lunch in Sausalito.
This was but a prelude. Heading north from the Bay Area, we made a dinner stop in Ukiah. It was about sixby the time we hit the road.  Our destination was Arcata and we were driving through some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.  At night.  We had a good five hours on the mountainous roads of Northern California’s redwood country. 

As the light faded, so did the signs of civilization until it felt like we were simply space explorers hurtling through the inky blackness of space, alone in our tiny craft.  Somehow, we could feel the trees close in on us, forming a canopy lost to us in the darkness.  Other times, roadside signage would indicate a bridge and we would feel rather than see the skies open up above us.  Intuitively, we would lean away from the right side of the car, certain that daylight would reveal that we were crossing a vertigo-indicing bridge over a might river far in the canyon below. 

Then the fog moved in as we approached the Avenue of the Giants, and as massive trunks appeared out of the gloom, it was easy to imagine that we were in fact drving amidst the feet of titans, walking right there on the Earth.

It was a grueling, winding drive, and by the time we reached Arcata, we were exhausted. A mixup with had resulted in us being in a much nicer hotel that we would have been in otherwise, and we sleep came easily that night.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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