Poll: Americans blame Bush for bad economy by wide margin | The Raw Story

Poll: Americans blame Bush for bad economy by wide margin | The Raw Story.

We Americans are not a stupid people.  Are we easily distracted?  Yes.  Are we cynical about politics to a level where it is detrimental to our own interests?  Yes.  Do we take our time waking up to the problems facing us?  Absolutely.  But we’re not stupid. We know what happened to our economy.  We know that teachers and firefighters  and nurses are not responsible for the budget deficits.  We know that Clinton left office with a surplus and Bush squandered it with his tax cuts…before 9/11. 

We make mistakes.  We allowed Bush to serve two terms.   We allowed the Tea Party to control the debate and gave the GOP the power of the purse in 2010, but we’re paying attention now.  We don’t like what we see, and we know who is acting responsibly and who is not. 

If you really want to know the direction things are going, however, you need not look to Washington.  Take a look at Wisconsin.  You remember what was going on there earlier this year.  Governor Walker came to town to bust the unions, but they would not be busted.  Now, six Republican and three Democratic state senators are facing recall elections.  The Republican response was to openly run Republicans posing as Democrats in the Democratic Primaries.  Those primaries took place on Tuesday.  Every single fake Democrat was soundly defeated.  The recalls take place on July 19, August 9 and August 16. 

We’ll see what happens.


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