Another Post in Ten Tweets

Okay folks, once again, I’ve got a whole lot of thoughts tumbling around in that noggin of mine.  That means it’s time for another Post in Ten Tweets.

1) I’m glad I didn’t sound off on the Weiner controversy. I don’t have a clue why a politician would send such pictures over the web. #Stupid

2) I’m proud of how Harry did in Tae Kwon Do today, but The Karate Kid ruined me for martial arts.  #Wax On Wax Off

3)  The thing that was the most fascinating about Julian Comstock was the plausibility of the setting.   #Peak Oil

4) Yesterday’s Gluten-free lesson:  ask what kind of “chips” your nachos are made from.  Won ton skins are tasty but not gluten-free #oops

5) Met kid (and his parents) born on the same day in the same hospital delivered by the same doctor as Annie.  #coincidence

6)  Palin on Revere:  Fail.  Palin on revere fail:  Double down fail.  Palin supporters changing wikipedia to match her story: Triple down fail. #cuckoo

7) Santorum joins GOP field.  Is this a primary field or a looney bin.  My apologies to residents of looney bins. #finger on the button

8 ) Mariner’s have a winning record.  Now it’s time for the Dodgers to join them.  #baseball

9)  It’s hard for a Dodger fan to say this, but nice job on “It gets better” video Giants.  #it gets better

10)  Still adjusting to new work schedule.  Time to hit the hay.  #night all


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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