Of Plants and Pianos

Colds are horrible things.  We’re all on the mend, but we’re all hacking up lungs.  It ‘s especiallyhard when you’re trying to get stuff accomplished.  But we did manage to move in the right direction this weekend.

First, however, let me back track and give you an update on our gardening efforts.

The pea plant is going great.  I picked up a garden stake yesterday.  I could be wrong, but it almost looks like one of the runners is moving to grab onto the stake.    The herbs in the same pot are still developing as are two of the chia herbs.  The basil and cilantro are doing fine. The chives may be a failure, but one never knows.  The hydroponic lettuce is progressing, as is the lettuce from the Happy Meal. (I’m still not sure what the deal was with that. It’s not like the happy meal was promoting healthy eating.  That would be too ironic.  It was promoting bike safety, but it had a Ronald McDonald-festooned seed packet.)

A couple of days ago, I decide to poke around and see if I could detect whether the potato was doing anything.  To recap, on the day that we did all this planting, I was cooking dinner and found a sprouting potato.  I had an extra pot and some leftover soil, so I grabbed the potato and another that looked to be going in the same direction and planted them.  Well, I dug into the moist soil and found the second potato first  It gave no indication of having taken root.  Then I move over to the sprouted one.  I tried to move it gently, but found resistance.  Then I caught a glimpse of green a couple of inches away.  Sure enough, that green is now poking through the soil.

That leave the Chia Obama.  The good news is that it is sprouting.  The bad news is that it is sprouting everywhere that seeds stayed on the surface, not just the grooves where they are supposed to be.  the exception may be right on top of his head where the plastic wrap tent fell.   This means that we will have a Chia Obam with a bald spot and large tufts of foliage growing out of his eyes.

Hail to the Chief.

So of course, no conversion to a psuedo- minimalist lifestyle would be complete without offers of stuff.  Back when I was in college, my church set about giving away it’s extra piano’s.  They were offered out, first to members of the congregation.  My parents got the one that was in the youth group room.  Keep in mind that there hadn’t been a youth group for a good five years.  None of us played, but we thought having a piano would be nice.  It was largely a display for photos and plants, but I do have fond memories of various friends noodling away at the untuned keys during one gathering or another.

Well, when my parents moved up here, the question came up of what to do about the piano.  They were moving into a condo and we were in an apartment.  Ultimately our friends decided that they could use it and it’s been in their family room getting used since 2004. Well, family changes have resulted in another piano becoming available to our friends, so they’ve offered “our” piano back to us.

In the meantime, we’ve flirted with the idea of getting a keyboard as a family gift to introduce live music into our home. (Alissa plays a little.)  Our hesitation always rested on the question of where to put the thing.  Well, this offer is well timed because we are in the process of evaluating our possessions and trying to minimize them.  To a degree, that calls for us to review how we use our space and to look at alternative uses. 

Well, we’ve had a problematic situation with our dining room table.  We managed to pay  $25 for a display set that retails for $50, but we learned that one leg was damaged beyond any realistic repair.  Some makeshift repairs held for a while, but we’ve been eating at a 3-legged table for a while.  We were going to replace it with a table from Alissa’s grandmother, but various factors have thwarted our attempts to pick it up on multiple occasions.

Well, we’re moving two bookshelves into the dining room tp place the piano in the living room.  We’re taking down our existing table and we bought a nice dropleaf table on craigslist.  It fits nicely in the dining room and folds down to leave the space clear between meals.  Not bad.

So that was today’s excitment. Most of the rest of my day was spent playing Lego with Harry.  We set up my old crater plates and began building a space port.  We bulit several space ships, and I built a people mover to move people from ships that had to land off base because of their size.  Then I built Annie a ship to fly while I made dinner.

All in all, it was a nice day.  If only the colds would go away.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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