Colds are not pleasant, but they come and we do what must be done.  Today, that involved getting the kids to swim lessons.  They missed their first ones last week because of our photoshoot and it appears they’re going to have to miss the last ones to be in a parade, but more on that later.  So, getting the intervening lessons in will be critical.  It’s hard when both Alissa and I are under the weather, her with her bad ankle and me with a cold. When one of us is down, the other tends to step up.  When we’re both down, it’s not pretty.  Fortunately, teamwork wins out over self-preservation most of the time.  And when it doesn’t, Alissa is good about forgiving me.

For the swim lessons, I was with Annie in the parent and “toddler” class.  It’s the same curriculum that Harry had when he was 18 months old.  Annie will be 3 in August and looks like she’s pushing 4.  A large number of her classmates were pre-walking/pre-talking.  Annie could say “Daddy, no!” and climb out of the water and try to walk away. It’s not the first time the disconnect between her chronological and developmental age has resulted in such a situation.  It probably won’t be the last, but at least August is coming soon.

Alissa took Harry to his lesson, and stayed as far away as she could.  It tooks some doing, but ultimately, he joined in and participated.  Yes!

Swimming is one of those childhood lessons that is not optional in my mind.  There are a lot of things we want the kids exposed to. Swimming,  Tae Kwon Do, Acting, VBS and Pirate Camp are on Harry’s list this summer.  Swimming, Gymnastics and VBS will fill out Annie’s summer.  Sports, music lessons, science and art classes; they’re all things that they can be exposed to.  Swimming is one that they will take until they know how to swim.  It has nothing to do with my memories of the beach or my time on the Eagle Rock High Swim Team.  It’s safety.

I’m not worried, though.  Now that Harry’s gotten past the participation barrier, he’ll be fine.  I’m not sure how that participation thing will work for Annie, but I think it will be easier for her.

After the swim lesson, we came home.  I promptly took a nap for a couple of hours while Alissa fed the kids and got them down for naps.  She is an amazing woman.    The next operation was the recovery of my car.  When Alissa fell, it was at my mom’s condo.  We had both driven there from work and we found ourselves with two cars and one able-bodied driver.  I used up the 72 hours available to me in a guest parking space and moved my car to the street last night.   I walked down and caught the Swift Bus to my mom’s, got some  5 star Ton Kai Gai from the restaurant we ate at last night for Alissa in hopes of clearing her sinuses.

Then I came home.  I tool some time to tend to the chia and hydroponic plants and applied the seed gel to the Chia Obama.  We’ll see how that works out.

And that’s all folks.  I guess there are a few Pacific Time Zones where it’s still May 21, so I’ll withhold comment on the whole rapture thing until tomorrow.  You know…just in case.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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