It’s Not Your Money

The other day, I put a link showing a Democratic Congressman going after the GOP agenda on the house floor on my facebook page. Before long, someone made a comment about the government “misusing my money”. 

Here’s the thing.  The money that the government uses is not your money.  It is not my money.  It is our money.

What am I talking about?  Well, consider this scenario.  You go into a restaurant with $50 in your wallet.  You sit down.  You order. You eat.  The server bring the check.  It’s for $10.  At that point, you have $40 of your own money in your wallet.  The other $10 belongs to the restaurant, even if it’s still in your wallet. 

Now, an anti-tax person would point out that you had the freedom to choose the restaurant and choose the food knowing the price. A lawyer would point out that you entered into a contract with the restaurant in which they provide you with the food you ordered in exchange for the consideration of $10.  They would both be right, but neither fact makes my assertion about tax dollars incorrect.

You see, we live under a contract as well, a social contract.  It’s called The United States Constitution.  In order to effectively govern ourselves, We the People have given the power to make laws (including tax policy) to our elected officials, namely the Congress.  The power to levy taxes is explicitly enumerated in Article I.  The federal income tax is explicitly authorized by the 16th Amendment.  So taxation is definitely Constitutional.  The details of tax policy are made by our elected Congress and our elected President.  These co-equal branches levied the taxes and gave the IRS the authority to enforce these laws.  So it is perfectly legal for the goverment to require Americans to pay their taxes, which brings us back to my original point.

Since we are legally required to pay taxes, the government has a legitimate claim on the money we earn until we have met our tax obligation. Untill we meet that obligation the money that we owe is not ours.   Now, we are empowered to seek any and all legal  ways to minimize that obligation.  That’s what I’ve been helping people do for the past three and a half months. 

Now, this money goes to the government to pay for those things that our representatives decide to buy.  We don’t live in a dictatorship. Our legislators and our President are accountable to the voters, and if we don’t like our government’s spending decisions, we can replace those individuals .   Accordingly, our government, that we fund with our taxes, is us.  We, We the People are the government. 

That’s why I say, until you’ve satisfied your legal tax obligation, that money, even if it’s in your wallet does not belong to you.  It belongs to us, to We the People.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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