My Brackets are so Busted

Well, three rounds in (if you count the “First Four”, which I didn’t) and my brackets are very very busted. 

Starting back east, of my original picks, five teams survived the first round.  Of those, Syracuse and Marquette were playing each other, and I had picked Ohio State to lose to Villanova and West Virginia to lose to Princeton (neither made the second round).  So of my surving picks, there were two teams that could have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen:  Marquette and Washington.  Well, Marquette advanced, but my Marquette/Washington match up won’t happen, nor will Washington’s journey to the finals, for Washington lost.  So yes, Marquette advanced, but that bracket is history since I predicted that they would lose to a team that they won’t face.

In the west, I had four teams advance: Michigan, Cincinatti, UConn, and SDSU.  Well, Michigan lost, and UConn beat Cincy to advance, as did SDSU.  I have SDSU beating UConn on their way to the Final Four. 

In the Southwest, I had four teams advance:  Illinois, Richmond, Purdue, and Florida State.  I had predicted that Illinois would advance all the way to the Final Four.  They lost in the second round.  I had predicted that Richmond would lose to Louisville, but Louisville fell to Morehead State in the first round who, in turn fell to Richmond in the second.  Purdue fell to VCU and Florida State, who I had predicted would lose to Akron who didn’t  make it out of the first round, advanced today.  At this point my SW bracket is gone.

In the Southeast, Pittsburgh and Butler, both correct first round picks to me, faced off.  I picked Pittsburgh.  Butler won.  Kansas State and Wisconsin, another predicted matchup, went my way with Wisconsin advancing.  I have them advancing as far as the Elite Eight if they can beat Butler.  I had predicted Gonzaga beating Wofford, but the Zags lost to BYU.  I had predicted UCLA defeating UCSB, but they lost to Florida State. 

So here’s what’s left of brackets:

East:  Marquette is still there, but I don’t have them advancing beyond the Sweet Sixteen.

West:  My hopes lie with SDSU.  If they can beat UConn, I have them going all the way to the Final Four.

Southwest:  Completely busted.

Southeast:  If Wisconsin ban beat Butler, they can carry me into the Elite Eight, but no farther, as I had them losing to UCLA.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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