Bracket Update 3/18

Hi Everyone,

Tonight’s post will just be a quick update on my NCAA Tourament Bracket.  Frighteningly, I came in with more than 50% or my picks winning.  Specifically, I got 19 of 32 with all my Final Four picks still in tact. 

In the East, my first two picks, Ohio State and West Virginia advanced, but in the next round, I have both teams losing to teams that already lost, so that portion is pretty much busted.  I chose well in three of the next four games with Marquette, Syracuse, and Washington advancing.  Oddly enough, Long Island University – Brooklyn lost to North Carolina.  I have no idea who could have predicted that.  So what needs to happen for me to stay alive in the East?  Well, I have Marquette beating Syracuse and Washington beating North Carolina.  Both would be significant upsets.

The West was not very kind to me.  In the first four games, only Michigan advanced.  However, if Michigan  can beat Duke and the winner of Arizona/Texas, they can take me as far as the Elite Eight.  I went 3 for 4 in the next three games with Cincinatti, UConn and SDSU advancing.  Only Penn State fell to Temple.  Interestingly, based on the seeding, my picks should do pretty well.  I have UConn(3) beating Cincy (6) and SDSU  (2) is seeded better than Temple (7).  If somebody can take out Duke, SDSU would be favored into the Final Four.

The Southwest was break even.  I split the first four games with Illinois and Richmond advancing.  Illinois beating Kansas would be an upset, but Richmond should be able to take Morehead State.  In the second four, Purdue and Florida State advanced.  Purdue should beat VCU, but I had Florida State losing to Akron.  If Purdue can beat VCU and the winner of FSU/Notre Dame,  that could leave my SW bracket in tact.

The Southeast was very nice to me. Of course, my picks turned out to be pretty safe.  Of the six teams that I had advancing, Pittsburgh, Butler, KSU, Wisconsin, Gonzaga and UCLA, only Gonzaga’s win was an upset.   In fact, in the Southeast, the first half of my bracket has the higher seeded teams winning until I show Wisconsin upending Pittsburgh in the Sweet Sixteen.  For my Gonzaga/UCLA Sweet Sixteen matchup to happen, both teams would have to score pretty big upsets against BYU and Florida respectively.

I guess we’ll see what happens. 

So my first round score is 19/32.

My highest potential score in the second round (2 pts/win) is 38. 

Let’s see what the dance brings.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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