Hi Everyone,

I’ll get right to it and finish up my brackets, starting with the Southwest Regionals in San Antonio.

First Round

Kansas (1) vs Boston U (16)  I love the city, so Boston.

UNLV (8) vs Illinois (9)  During the McCarthy era, Illinois was one of the few schools that did not require it’s faculty to sign loyalty oaths. Illinois

Vanderbilt (5) vs Richmond (12)  Recently Virginia has chosen better senators than Tennessee,so Richmond.

Louisville (4) vs Morehead St. (13)  The Presbyterian Church (USA) is headquartered in Louisville.

Georgetown (6) vs USC or VCU (11) Sorry VCU, but I can’t risk picking USC.  Georgetown.

Purdue (3) vs St. Peter’s (14). I have a friend who went to Purdue, plus they have a cool mascot.  Purdue

Texas A&M (7) vs Florida St.(10).  Well, Bush’s home state or the state whose electoral votes he stole.  Florida St.

Notre Dame (2) vs. Akron (15).  ND gets too much attention already.  Akron

Second Round

Boston vs. Illinois   Tough call, but I’m sticking with the leftists.  Illinois.

Richmond vs. Louisville  Without a PC(USA) mission program, I’d have never met Alissa. Louisville.

Georgetown vs Purdue  What is a Hoya anyway?  Of course, what’s a boilermaker? Still  Purdue.

Florida St. vs. Akron  I chose Florida as the lesser of two evils, so Akron.

Sweet Sixteen

Illinois vs Louisville  Sticking with Obama’s home state. Illinois

Purdue vs Akron They build things and they’re a drink.  What more could one wish for?  Purdue

Elite Eight

Illinois vs Purdue  Okay, I’ve had enough of the witty(?) Boilermaker comments.  I’m fickle.  Illinois will go to the Final Four.

Last but not least, we journey to New Orleans for the Southeast Regionals/

First Round

Pittsburgh(1) vs UNC Asheville/Arkansas-Little Rock  Rust belt vs South.  No contest.  Pittsburgh

Butler(8) vs Old Dominion(9)  The Butler did it. Butler

Kansas St.(5) vs Utah St.(12)  I had a classmate in college from Manhattan,KS.  Kansas State

Wisconsin(4) vs Belmont (13)  Do you really need to ask? Wisconsin

St. John’s(6) vs. Gonzaga(11) My brother in law is a Zag.  Gonzaga

BYU (3) vs Wofford (14).  I know nothing about WoffordSo I’ll pick Wofford.

UCLA(7) vs Michigan State(10).  This is the closest think I have to a natural loyalty to a Div. 1 school  UCLA. 

Florida(2) vs. UCSB (15)  U Can Study Buzzed.  UCSB

Second Round

Pittsburgh vs Butler.  I’ll stick with steel town.  Pittsburgh

Kansas State vs Wisconsin  On Wisconsin!

Gonzaga vs Wofford.  Sticking with the bulldogs. Gonzaga

UCLA vs UCSB Fight Fight Fight!!! UCLA

Sweet Sixteen

Pittsburgh vs Wisconsin  I’ll quit badgering you for a guess.  Wisconsin

Gonzaga vs UCLA  Sorry Brother-in law.  It’s my dad’s alma mater.  UCLA

Elite Eight

Wisconsin vs UCLA  Sounds more like a Rose Bowl, doesn’t it?  UCLA



Washington vs SDSU:  Gotta go with the Dawgs.  Washington

UCLA vs Illinois:  Go Bruin.  UCLA


UCLA will defeat Washington in an all PAC 10 Final!


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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