Let the Madness Begin

Okay folks, it’s time to go on the strange journey that is my process for filling out my brackets.  Please, don’t use this as a basis for anything but amusement.  Do not use my bracket picks for a pool that you are putting money on.  That would not be a “Great” Thought. As you will see, I really don’t know anything useful about basketball. So without further ado…

Andrew’s Bracket Picks (NCAA Men, Div I)

Starting in Newark with the East Regionals 

Ohio State (1) vs TX San Antonio or Alabama State(16): I wouldn’t normally start with a number 1 seed, but I can’t pick a Texas or Alabama team so:  Ohio State

George Mason(8) vs Villanova (9):  St. Augustine was pretty cool, Villanova is a Augustinian school, so: Villanova

West Virgina (5) vs UAB or Clemson (12):  For a guy who’se not terribly into the south, this is not a very exciting choice, but WV had the decency to elect Robert Byrd, who rose above his racist beginnings to become one of our nation’s great statesmen.  West Virginia

Kentucky (4) vs Princeton (13):  Einstein, nuff said!  Princeton

Xavier (6) vs Marquette (11):  You know I’m all about Wisconsin these days: Marquette

Syracuse (3) vs Indiana St. (14):  East coast bias:  Syracuse

Washington (7) vs Georgia (10):  I’m here inWestern Washington, so go Huskies!  Washington

North Carolina(2) vs LIU-Brooklyn(15):  It’s up to you New York, New York!  LIU-Brooklyn

Moving into the second round:

Ohio State vs Villanova:  Sticking with St. Augustine.  Villanova

West Virgina vs Princeton:  It’s all relative.  Princeton

Marquette vs Syracuse:  This is a cheesy choice, but let’s stay in dairyland. Marquette

Washington vs. LIU Brooklyn:  Let’s go Huskies.  Washington

Sweet Sixteen

Villanova vs Princeton:  My theory says Princeton

Washington vs Marquette:  Scott Walker was taking too much credit for himself.  Washington

Elite Eight

Princeton vs Washington:  Sticking with the guys from Mountlake.  Washington advances to the Final Four.  Who will they meet?

We now head to Anaheim for the West Regionals.

Duke (1) vs Hampton (16): I’m not even sure where Hampton is, but a 16 seed beating Duke?  Hampton

Michigan (8) vs Tennessee (9):  Michigan needs a win: Michigan

Arizona (5 ) vs Memphis (12):  SB 1070?  I don’t think so. Memphis

Texas (4) vs Oakland (13): The state that gave us George W Bush?  Bleagh… Oakland

Cincinatti(6) vs Missouri(11):  I don’t have a strong feeling either way on this one.  Cincinatti

Connecticut (3) vs Bucknell(14) Here’s a little love for defeating Linda McMahon.  Connecticut

Temple (7) vs PennState (10):  Go lions.  Rowr.  Or something like that.  Penn

San Diego State (2) vs N Colorado (15):  California Dreamin’.  SDSU

Round Two

Hampton vs Michigan:  The state that gave us Michael Moore!  Michigan

Memphis vs Oakland: They beat Texas.  Keep on dancin’  Oakland

Cincinatti vs UCONN:  One more round Huskies.  UConn

Penn vs SDSU:  More California dreaming.  SDSU

Sweet Sixteen

Michigan vs Oakland  I’m not even sure where Oakland is.  Michigan

UCON vs SDSU:  California!  SDSU

Elite Eight

Michigan vs SDSU : Gotta stick with my home state. SDSU


SDSU versus UW(ashington):   We’ve had a long sports drought up here.  Washington


OK folks, that’s it for tonight.  I’ll do the Southwest and Southeast Regionals tomorrow.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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