Wow!  When I left work tonight, I knew what I was going to write about. Then I got word about this abuse of power.  Actually, it was not an abuse of power.  It was a violation of the Wisconsin’s open meetings law which calls for 24 hour notice before a meeting such as the one that took place this evening can happen.  Keep in mind, this action, this assault on teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, your friends, family and neighbors was taken after it became  abundantly clear that the GOP has lost the debate.  The people of Wisconsin, the people that they serve, that they represent do not want this legislation.  If Wisconsites knew in November what they know now, Scott Walker would not have been elected.  The fight is far from over.  The recall effort has become supercharged. Walker will not be in office a year from now.

So what was I going to write about?  Tomorrow, Rep.  Peter King (R, NY) will convene hearings “investigating” the radicalization of American Muslims.   In the worst tradition of Sen. Joe McCarthy (soon to be joined on the Wisconsin’s political garbage heap by Scott Walker) and the House Unamerican Activities Committee (If there was ever an aptly named committee, it was that one.  Its activities were sure Unamerican.), King will be calling on American Muslims to do that which no American should ever have to do.  They will be called to defend their beliefs to their government. 

The people being called before the committee will probably be too law-abiding to take my advice, but I think they should engage in civil disobedience and refuse to show up.  I also believe that other faith communities should offer them sanctuary in their churches, temples, and synagogues.  Why? Because you never know when your goverment will call upon you to justify your faith.  Am I crazy?  Paranoid?  Afraid of something that could “never happen here?” Well, look at Wisconsin and Ohio and Indiana and many more states.   The Republicans and their corporate sugar daddies are going after Unions.  Rep. King is going after Muslims.  Who’s next?  Are you part of a Christian church that preaches social justice?  Are you of another non-Christian religion?  Are you gay? Atheist?  Black?  Brown? A woman?  Are you a non-billionaire who can think for yourself?  If so, then you’re a potential target, and you and I need to be standing up for the people at the beginning of this list who are alreadycoming under attack.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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