Between Winter and Spring

This morning we drove over Stevens Pass to my in-laws’ house.  We had been planning to go last week, but decided against in the face of my cold and an uncertain weather forecast.  It’s interesting to go into snow country on the edge between winter and spring.  There’s still plenty of snow in the pass, and it must have snowed overnight, as there was lots of snow falling from the evergreens in Tumwater Canyon.  Still, the skies were clear and the sun shone off of the snow.  The snow thinned as we lost altitude, and the temperature was in the high 40’s , ensuring that the snow at Alissa’s parents’ house would be largely melted today.

They live in Cashmere, down in a little hollow accessible by a dirt road.  It’s on that road that one really becomes aware of the nature of early spring in snowy places, as well as the value of four-wheel drive.  The snow melt had saturated the road, turning it into a muddy mess.  The ruts that usually guide drivers through over the course of the winter were gone, replaced with muddy chaos.   It won’t be too long before it gets graded and made more usable.  That’s just how it is this early in the year. 

The lawn really captured the moment though.  Last spring, Alissa’s parents had meticulously groomed and nurtured it to emerald perfection in time for their son’s wedding, and even after the pressure of the event was off, the lawn looked pretty impressive until it was buried under the winter snows.  Upon emerging from it’s icy tomb, the blade of grass are brown and limp. 

Still, they’re there, visible.  Even today’s sunshine acted on the last remnants of chlorophyl, feeding them.  The snowmelt provides water.  The grass will grow again.  Spring is coming soon.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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One Response to Between Winter and Spring

  1. kathikinsella says:

    The drive over Hiway 2 takes on a different light each trip. Each drive is shaded by the season, the lighting, and the mood and expectation of the trip. This is a road to memory, to expectation, and to the molding of character by family and community. The Vale of Cashmere is a place of becoming.. a celebration of life transitions, and the reassurance that Love matters. There is great beauty in the river running through, the sunrise enfolding all hopes, and the members of the community that matter in life. Safe and Holy Trip HOME!

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