It’s Amazing How One Can Adapt

I grew up in Los Angeles, so I had minimal experience with snow when I moved to Washington at the age of 23.  I was a skier, so I’d been in snow, but usually I wasn’t driving.   The one ski trip that I did drive on was to Mountain High in Wrightwood, CA.  The conditions were “spring like”, which in this case was something of a euphamism for “we haven’t actually got any real snow at our base area, but it’s been cold enough for us to cover the bunny hill using the snow making machines.”  That meant that the roads to Mountain High were clear that day.  I did have to chain up once in college.  Three of us were going up to Angeles Crest to play in the snow (meaning use boogie boards as sleds).  The one of us who actually grew up somewhere where she could have encountered snow, basically laughed at the attempts her boyfriend and I made to chain up The Funeralmobile.  Still, we were successful.

But now, I’ve lived in Western Washington for 14 1/2 years.  We usually get a snow event or two every winter.  There have been more in recent years, at least in my experience. (But I’m sure that has nothing to do with climate change, nothing whatsoever.)  Between the increasing number of snow events each year, and the fact that Alissa’s parents live on the other side of the Cascades, it has been necessary for me to learn to drive in snow.  The first time I tried it, I was panicked, and the snow wasn’t even sticking to the road.  It was just blowing.  But gradually, I’ve learned.  I’ve learned what constitutes “nothing to worry about” (snow) and what is something to avoid (ice). 

We had initially planned to go over to Cashmere this weekend, but decided against it.  The current storm has just not panned out as the forecasters predicted, and the uncertainty could  be trouble. There were other factors as well that made us think that this wasn’t the right weekend to go over.  So, left with a free weekend during tax seasion, we looked at a few options.

Well, we had considered going down to Olympia for a Wisconsin Solidarity rally.  It was not the still-snowy weather we witnessed outside that made us not go.  I’ve adapted to driving in snow.  No, it was my cold, the same cold that is making me wrap up this post.

‘Night Everyone.  Thanks for reading.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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