Easy Indian Butter Chicken

Well, I had the day off today, so we went to church and came home.  It was a chance to rest ahead of what promises to be a busy week.  It was also a chance to get back where I belong, according to Alissa at least.  That’s right, a day off marks my return to the kitchen and a chance to stretch my culinary wings with this little creation.  Easy Indian Butter Chicken is delicious and easy to prepare, and best of all, aside from a couple of Indian spices (Garam Masala and Tandoori Masala), most of us have the ingredients floating around the kitchen.  It’s basically carmelized onions and baked chicken in a tomato cream sauce, but it literally melts in your mouth.  The Garam Masala gives the sauce a sort of cinnamon/nutmeg/clove flavor.  What got me excited about this is the preparation method for the chicken.  Basically, you toss it with oil and the Tandoori Masala and bake it in the oven before adding it and the carmelized garlic and onions into the sauce.  Oh yeah, the Tandoori Masala carries some heat, giving the whole thing a bit of kick, but not too much.  I’m a wimp when it comes to spice, but this was within my tolerance levels…aided by lots of milk. 

I served it over rice (plain old Minute Rice) and it made for a smooth, buttery treat, almost a comfort food with a nice little kick.  It does have a lot of butter and heavy cream, so I’m guessing it’s not the leanest of foods, but it is tasty.

It also led to this lovely little oversimplification of history.  Alissa, looking over other Indian recipes, commented that a lot of the Asian recipes she was finding were pretty heavy on the spices.  I pointed out that the element fueling the European Age of Discovery was a desire for Indian spices.  In other words, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella funded Columbus’ expedition because they were looking for a faster way to get Indian food. 

The more things change…


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