Welcome to the “Great” Thoughts 100th Post Extravaganza.  Plans for this special occasion have been a closely guarded secret, even to me.  Still, it has not stopped the rumors of everything from a celebrity guest blogger to announcement of a presidential run from spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere.  If your internet connection has been a little slower today as a result, you have my sincerest apologies.

So how am I celebrating 100 posts worth of “Great” Thoughts?  Naturally, I’ll celebrate by sharing 100 50 “Great” Thoughts selected at random. Who knows, some of these may be precursors to blog posts. Others may just leave you wondering about my mental stability.  You wouldn’t be alone. Those closest to me wonder such things with alarming regularity. 

So, without further ado, I present to you 100 50 “Great” Thoughts.

1)      My little girl is 29 months old today.

2)      Peanut butter on an Oreo…YUM!!! 

3)      Peanut butter on Oreo’s should only be enjoyed as a rare treat. 

4)      How long can I hold out before showing Harry The Empire Strikes Back?

5)      Is Mary Had a Little Lamb a very loose metaphor for the Christian Gospel?

6)      How old does a child need to be to appreciate Star Trek.?

7)      Why on Earth would a parent allow their child to play with a realistic looking cap gun?

8)      Why on Earth would a parent allow their child to take said gun to the play area of a mall?

9)      The deafening silence after someone’s balloon popped at the mall speaks volumes about what Americans fear these days.

10)  What did George Jetson do at Spacely Space Sprockets that kept him from being replaced by some industrial version of Rosie the Robot?

11)  How did the future economy of the Jetsons overcome the problem of the wage/productivity gap to create what appears to be a burgeoning middle class?

12)  Why is a colonial warrior aboard the Galactica (original) carrying a riding crop?

13)  Oh…it’s a pointer.

14)  I’m afraid Hot Shots really makes it difficult to picture Lloyd Bridges as a military leader in something as non-slapstick as Battlestar Galactica.

15)  I’ve always loved the launch tube sequencBe from BSG.  I always will.

16)  Likewise for the theme song.

17)  It seems to me, that two “suns” visible in the sky would lead to mass religious hysteria.

18)  Especially if it actually happens in 2012.

19)  44 hours between shifts is nice family time.

20)  44 hours between shifts is a big enough break to make me realize how hard I’ve been working and how tired I am.

21)  Sleep will feel good tonight.

22)  What should I read after Bicycle on the Beach?

23)  I wonder if the Dodgers of Mariners will be any good this year?

24)  In Cars, if tractors are cows, where did the horns on Mr. Tex come from?

25)  If tires are like shoes, what other parts are the equivalents of clothes and which are body parts?

26)  I’m definitely looking forward to a brief trip to Southern California in March.

27)  I hope Keith Olbermann’s departure from MSNBC is not a precursor to a purge of Maddow and Schultz after the merger.

28)  I’ve only seen short bits of Parks and Recreation, but it seems to make a good case for government spending on recreational programs.

29)  It’s completely unrealistic, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Gabrielle Giffords could be present at the State of the Union Address?

30)  I don’t understand the criticism of Obama bailing out GM.  It seems to have worked perfectly.

31)  Wouldn’t the alternative have been to sacrifice the US auto industry (and millions of jobs) on the altar of laissez faire economics?

32)  Besides, that rudimentary manufacturing base is important to national security.

33)  I’m very happy to be back on the good computer.

34)  I just saw a friend post on FB that her chicken is diabetic.

35)  I really wish Brian D’Amato would release a sequel to In the Courts of the Sun.

36)  I really admire all the work Alissa’s carrying while I work doing taxes.

37)  If you really want to get a picture of your community, take a job as a tax preparer.

38)  I talked to a 19 year-old last night about the lessons his generation could learn from mine. 

39)  It’s amazing how pleasant people can be while trying to support many more people that my wife and I support on far less income.  There’s a lesson there.

40)  Trying to come up with 100 “Great” Thoughts tonight was not one.

41)  I know I’ll be seeing Cars 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in the theater this year?  What else should I see?

42)  I find it interesting how quickly the poetry bug left me when the Pre-school crisis came up.

43)  It was really neat to see the library absolutely packed on a beautiful, sunny, winter Saturday afternoon.

44)  I have a prediction as to who “the mother” is on How I Met Your Mother.

45)  I’m glad current episodes of The Big Bang Theory are now available online.

46)  I’m truly enjoying blogging every day.

47)  I appreciate my readers.

48)  I’m looking forward to church and more family time tomorrow.

49)  I’m tired.

50)  Alissa knows this and wants me to come to bed.  That’s a pretty “Great” Thought in and of itself.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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