Writing About Writing

Well, I’ve been at this for 19 days straight.  Apparently it took me that long to realize that wordpress has a challenge to do a post a day for the entirety of 2011.  Needless to say, I am officially participating in this challenge and would love your support and encouragement in viewing, liking, and commenting on my posts.

Part of me thinks I’m crazy for doing this, but I’m having fun.  Of course those are not mutually exclusive concepts. 

Still, when you’ve committed to writing something for public consumption each and every day, it affects the manner in which you walk through the world.  You are looking for inspiration in everything you observe. “What will I write about today?” becomes just as routine a question as “What should I wear?” or “What’s for dinner?” 

The funny thing is, that for me the difficulty is not in finding something to write about, but in choosing one of the many topics that present themselves?   There’s a lot out there: politics, news, nature, sports, religion, family and so much more.  Should I be funny, serious, reflective, sarcastic?  I’m finding that, at least while I’m working two jobs, the posts are going to shorter and simpler.  The longer, highly crafted posts will simply have to wait for spring and summer, when I’m down to one job. 

So that’s tonight’s dispatch.  Thanks for reading, and I invite you to continue on this journey with me.


About Andrew

I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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2 Responses to Writing About Writing

  1. Kattsby says:

    Like you, I’ve written pretty much every day … didn’t find out about this WP challenge until yesterday. Signed up anyway. Before, I’ve written more or less for myself — it feels a little different now.

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