We Must Help Save Pre-School!!!

Well,  we knew that today would mark the beginning of our campaign to save Harry’s preschool, but we didn’t know that Alissa would, in many ways become a public face of our little uprising.  What a day!  All I can say is that it is definitely on! 

On Friday, Alissa went on a field trip with Harry’s class and had the opportunity to talk with the other parents and start to coordinate some sort of group effort to save preschool.  She planned to send an email that weekend to parents about the council meeting and writing letters.  Then our weekend happened.  Saturday was largely a play day, preceded by much cleaning in anticipation of company.  Sunday was supposed to be a work morning followed by an excursion to buy a bed for Annie.  Well, the dryer broke.  While Harry and Alissa handled a massive laundromat operation (if you have a whole row of machines, you might as well wash everything), Annie and I handled the Costco run.  A confusing chain of events resulted in our getting home at 10 PM and getting the kids into bed by 11. 

Well, this morning, Alissa sent emails to KING 5 and to KOMO 4’s beat reporter for Lynnwood.  The results:



Yes, that was an on-camera interview on 90 minutes notice.  When Alissa arrived for the interview (it was actually my mom’s day to pick Harry up), KING 5 reporter, Jake Whittenberg was wrapping up an interview with the Parks and Rec director. 

I feel like we should be sending out more press releases and op-ed’s, but I’m a bit afraid to do so. 

Anyway, up until this point, Alissa and I had assumed that I would be the one to speak at the Lynnwood City Council meeting, as I actually like public speaking.  The events of the day made it very clear that of the two of us, it needed to be Alissa.  So I hung out in the lobby with the kids and a couple of other dads and tried to listen to the audio from the packed, and I do mean packed, chamber.  The council is clearly  facing a dire budget, and there were many organized constituencies making their desires known.  I don’t know how many of our parents rose to speak, but I think it was at least 6 and maybe 8 or 10.  Alissa did a great job, and all our speakers were clear, impassioned, and informed.  We witnessed several council members nodding vigorously.  It was a good start, and part of me knows we need to strike while the iron is hot.  A bigger part of me is exhausted, but the battle continues tomorrow.

It should be noted, that Alissa is not really our leader.  We don’t have a leader in a formal sense.  This effort, thus far, has been a true grass roots movement.  Dana, the other mom in the KING 5 video has been just as much of a “leader” as Alissa and other parents and allies, too numerous to name without leaving someone out have done their part as well.  But at the same time, we heard wonderful statements from parents who we had never really met, let alone coordinated with.  

We’re considering various methods of expanding our campaign, including Facebook pages, twitter feeds and even a blog.  For now, if you want to help, here’s the Lynnwood City Council page. You can drop them a line and let them know that you support the Kids Klub.

If you have any suggestions or skills to offer, please leave them in the comments or email them to savekidsklub@gmail.com.


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I'm a Christian, American, liberal, geeky, thoughtful, Northwest-transplanted Angeleno husband, father, and pundit who writes about anything he can think of.
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