Memories of a 3 Year-Old.

This post is in response to this Plinky prompt. “What is your earliest memory?”

swiss efficiency

My earliest memory is one of two things. The first is of getting out of bed as a child and walking out of my room. My dad was sitting in an old yellow easy chair reading by light of a lamp. He looked up from the book and told me to go back to bed. I have a feeling that happened more than once.

The other memory is a series of images of my family’s trip to Klosters, Switzerland when I was 3. It’s a disjointed series of images that have been held in my memory with the aid of old photo albums and family stories, but they are pretty solid images, even 34 years later.

I recall a green train and a big red cable car. There was a stream running thorugh an alpine meadow, which was full of little yellow flowers. I remember cows being herded through the streets below my hotel window. I recall running downstairs ahead of my parents (stairs were a big deal, since our house was a rambler) to the restaurant where I was given a crumpet with jam…for free! (In retrospect, I’m sure it got on the tab somewhere.) I remember playing with wheel-less train made of multi-colored Duplo bricks on the hardwood floor or my Grandma Salka’s wood-paneled flat. Somewhere along the way, we were at a place called Gundelsee, and there was a boat house and swimming in a lake with my dad.

Yes, there were lots of images from that trip.

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